A Clean And Healthy Mouth Might Save Your Life

A Clean And Healthy Mouth Might Save Your Life

Posted by DR. LEE on Oct 13 2020, 07:48 AM

Did you know that your mouth has a direct connection to your whole body and its wellness? So if you have any problems with your mouth, your whole body will be affected. Follow this article to know how to maintain a healthy oral condition.

How Does Taking Care Of Your Oral Health Help You?

Taking care of your oral health by brushing regularly, flossing, and rinsing can help prevent cavities, infections in your mouth, periodontal diseases while lowering the risks of heart attack and stroke. Not only these, but proper care can also help you keep your natural teeth for a very long time.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Dental Health

Taking regular care of your oral health is pretty easy and does not require much hassle.

  • Brush your teeth regularly thrice or at least twice a day to prevent plaque formation. 
  • While brushing twice is good enough, some dentists also recommend brushing with plain water after lunch. Routine brushing helps prevent plaque formation, which damages the enamel of your teeth.
  • Floss every day at night or whenever it suits you. Flossing helps remove food particles that are hard to remove with brushing. 
  • Make sure while flossing, you reach the nooks and corners and bring out the particles stuck in your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with plain water after every meal to also help remove excess food debris left in your mouth.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to not only keep your health well but also to remove the debris left in the mouth. 
  • If you cannot find time to floss, drinking water from time to time can help remove food particles stuck in teeth.
  • Avoid sugary and sticky food like candies, gum, cola, juice, etc. Such foods stick to your teeth and are hard to remove. 
  • Avoid sugar and adapt fruits and veggies to your diet. This will help you stay fit and fine overall. 
  • Visit your dentist regularly after every 5 to 6 months to keep your mouth in check. Many diseases are preventable in the earlier stages if appropriately diagnosed beforehand.

Make it a daily routine in your household that your partner and your children all brush their teeth and follow the steps mentioned above to have a healthy oral condition.

East burn Dentistry and Implants offers comprehensive oral care services by Dr. Daniel Lee and his team of dental assistants. Call us at 503 2334871 or visit our website for more details. We are located at 1415 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214.

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