Electric Toothbrushes Offer One More Reason to Smile

Electric Toothbrushes Offer One More Reason to Smile

Posted by Dr. Lee on Nov 26 2019, 08:44 AM

Electric toothbrushes are great for everyone as they help you easily clean the inner corners of the mouth. But for kids and people with arthritis and cognitive impairments, it is more than a blessing. It helps them get the upper hand over their oral health. If you do not use an electric toothbrush yet, you should start it soon. But before that, you need to know why it is important for your smile. Keep reading to find out!

Easy-to-Use Functions

Some brands use ultrasonic technology, whereas others rely on rotating motions. In addition, many brands provide a timer in the electric toothbrush. This ensures you brush for exactly two minutes and change sides every 30 seconds.

Some advanced electric toothbrushes also allow you to extend the brush timer and brush for longer. If you have sensitive teeth, you can switch on the sensitive mode to reduce the motor force and speed. You can also use the massage settings to provide stimulation to the gums.

When using an electric toothbrush, make sure you use a gentle hand. If you apply too much pressure, you might end up hurting your gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Some brands also have special settings using which you can set the pressure of the toothbrush. 

Great for People Suffering from Physical Disorders

Electric toothbrushes are very helpful for those suffering from cognitive impairments and arthritis. It is also great for those who have suffered from a stroke. An electric toothbrush allows such people to clean their teeth without applying much pressure. This boosts their self-confidence and gives them a sense of independence. You can easily hold the brush without applying much pressure to the bones, and your work will be done. In addition, the timer in the toothbrush allows you to brush without worrying about the time.

Helps Kids Brush Easily

While children often neglect their oral health, using an electric toothbrush can make it easy to brush properly. They can effectively clean their mouth with a little pressure. They cannot cheat because the timer will aid them to brush for not less than 2 minutes.

Besides using a good toothbrush, you need to follow other oral hygiene tips as well.  So book an appointment with Dr. Daniel Lee at East burn Dentistry and Implants for the right dental care advice. Call us at 503 2334871 or visit our website for more details. We are located at 1415 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214.

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