Great Health Benefits to Smiling and Laughing

Great Health Benefits to Smiling and Laughing

Posted by Dr. Lee on Jun 24 2020, 05:19 AM

"When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."
                                                                - William Shakespeare

What can be the most attractive expression to show love than a beautiful smile? Smiling and laughing can help you in plenty of ways! From improving your mental health to your overall health, they are full of benefits.

Here are some of the health benefits of keeping up a happy smile all day:

1. Bye-bye, Moody Me!

Smiling and laughing can lead to numerous physiological changes in your brain. These changes are something you may not even be aware of. 
When you smile or laugh, your brain releases endorphins that can help you stay positive and happy. Certain studies prove that your facial expression while smiling can help enhance your mood, promoting positive thoughts. 
Don't believe this? Why don't you try it now! We assure you, it will make you feel better!

2. Relieve your Pain

As Milton Berk says, 'laughter is the best medicine in the world.' It really is! 
A study has found out that a good laugh can help you get relief from the pain as the body releases its own kind of natural painkillers.

3. Keep Blood Pressure Under Control

Laughing and smiling can keep your blood pressure under control, and so, thus, help your heart healthy.

4 Better Immune System

Laughing or smiling can help boost your body's immune system. Laughter, which begins with a smile, can escalate immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. So, it can help keep illness at bay to an extent.

5 Reduce Stress Levels

Love LOL moments? Such moments can actually help reduce the stress hormones and physical tension in the body. Studies show that heart rates get lowered while smiling during stressful situations.

6 Keep Good Relationships

People like to spend more time with someone having a positive vibe and smile. 
Some research shows that those who smile tend to be liked more, as it is essential to maintain relationships with people.

7 Get a Young look

Enhance your look by smiling and laughing. Shocked? Well, it's true! If it's the smile that is keeping you from being happy, then visit us anytime, we can help you with the best procedures to get the smile of your dreams.

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