How Does Your Dental Health Affect You?

How Does Your Dental Health Affect You?

Posted by Dr. Lee on Oct 12 2021, 05:41 AM

Dental health is an essential factor for the overall wellness of a person. Some dental diseases can cause more harm to various parts of the body. Hence, it is crucial to notice the signs and symptoms of diseases. At East Burn Dentistry and Implants, the dentists examine each patient's dental health in detail to make sure that they have good dental health.

Diseases Caused by Bad Dental Health

Cardiovascular Diseases

Patients who are diagnosed with gum diseases have bacteria in the mouth that may circulate into the patient's heart through arteries. This can lead to various health concerns like heart attacks and strokes. The inner lining of the heart may get inflamed or infected. 

Respiratory Diseases

While breathing, the patient may inhale the microorganisms present on the infected teeth and gums. This may cause lung infections or diseases like pneumonia. 

Complicated Sugar Levels

Diabetic patients may experience difficulty in keeping a tap on their sugar levels if they have gum disease. These patients require regular dental care to make sure that their gum health is in constant check. 


Patients who have periodontal diseases stand the chances of dementia. The bacteria in the gums may transfer to the brain through the nerve pathway. This can cause Alzheimers in the patient. 

Tips to Maintain Oral Health

  • Practice good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing the teeth every day. 
  • Rinse the mouth after each meal to wash out food particles in the mouth. 
  • Use a mouth wash prescribed by the dentist.
  • Include nutritious food in the diet that benefits dental health.
  • Avoid damaging habits that cause harm to dental health.
  • Schedule regular dental checkups to keep an eye on the teeth and gums. 

Visit the Dentist

Regular visits to the dentist are essential to keep a check on dental health. They conduct tests that help to provide better insight regarding the dental condition. In case of any dental abnormalities, the dentist can initiate the treatment procedure to avoid further complications. 

East Burn Dentistry and Implants, located in Portland, OR is equipped with the best dentists and latest technologies that enable the best dental care for the patients. Call us at 503 2334871 and schedule an appointment with the dentistry to know more about dental care services provided at the practice. 

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