The Canker Sore Ailment

The Canker Sore Ailment

Posted by Dr. Lee on Dec 6 2018, 05:12 AM

Mouth pain can occur in many forms, which most people may not know. Problems like gum discomfort, toothache, cavities, or sores, can cause unbearable pain, making it almost impossible to eat or speak for some days. Aphthous ulcers or commonly known as canker sores, are one such frustrating occurrence of mouth pain. Keep reading to know more about canker sores.

Know More About Canker Sores

Canker sores, also known as aphthous ulcers, are small circular white patches that develop at the base of your gum or in the soft tissues of your mouth. They are often misjudged as cold sores, but unlike cold sores, they do not occur on the surface of the lips and are not even contagious. However, they can cause extreme discomfort in the mouth and may cause problems while eating and speaking.

How Long Do They Stay?

Canker sores generally go away within a few days or sometimes may take a week or two to heal. However, if you get unusually large and painful canker sores or sores that take way too much time to heal, then it is advised to consult your doctor for an expert opinion.

How Do Canker Sores Occur?

Some people may be sufferers of frequent oral problems or sores. Mouth sores may occur one at a time or sometimes even in groups, spread across multiple areas in the mouth. People often get frustrated at their inability to prevent sores or heal them; however, some causes of occurrence may help reduce outbreaks.

Change In Hormones

Few women may suffer from canker sores before their period, while others are free from ulcers until after menopause.


Stress has been proved to cause way too many problems in our bodies; canker sores are listed among one of them. In addition, aphthous ulcers often occur when you go through high-stress levels.


Canker sores fall on the list of genetically transmitted diseases. Ask your parents or grandparents, and you might notice them facing similar problems of canker sores.

Food And Toothpaste

Few foods like chocolate, coffee, peanuts, cheese, or even spicy food can trigger a sore. Sometimes even a certain toothpaste with SLS content can lead to a canker sore.

How To Prevent a Sore?

Below given are a few tips to prevent a sore:

  • Avoid spicy or acidic food.
  • Use a soft toothbrush and use an SLS-free toothpaste.
  • Try using a damp tea bag.

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