Use ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em: Use All of Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Use ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em: Use All of Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Posted by Dr. Lee on Oct 16 2019, 07:20 AM

Dental insurance is a beneficial policy system that allows you to budget for the cost of maintaining a great smile effectively. They are different from medical insurance, and understanding them more is a simple task. Dental insurance is available to people as a part of medical insurance or individual policy.

Most dental policies are straightforward and specific about what procedures fall under them or how much you have to pay from your pocket. In addition, for most people, dental insurance renews each year in January, whereas others renew on some specific enrollment date or fiscal year.

Do People Usually Use Up All Their Dental Insurance Benefits?

Research and analysis over the years continuously show that very few (around 3%) of PPO dental plan members use their coverage to their full extent. Unfortunately, this only means that thousands of hard-earned dollars are wasted by almost every family every year.

How Much Does a Dental Insurance Cover?

We can never deny the fact that dental bills or medical bills, in general, are pretty high, and it would be really helpful if some of it got covered. But unfortunately, most traditional dental benefit plans cover a maximum limit on almost all procedures. So, for example, oral cleaning is covered 100%, 80% coverage is given on restorative treatments, etc.

Can You Use Your FSA Along With Dental Insurance?

To help offset deductibles and coverage limits, some employers offer a flexible spending account (also known as an FSA) instead of or in addition to dental coverage. Each year, you will be specified by the employee to put a specific amount of money in the flexible spending account (which is generally accessible through a debit card. For instance, if your dental insurance covers a dental implant at 80%, the FSA account could be used to pay the remaining 20% money instead of using it out of your pocket.

You are Almost Throwing Out Your Money

If you are paying for dental coverage but only using it for cleanings and nothing else, you are simply throwing away your money. Therefore, it only makes sense when you use every last dollar of your available dental coverage to offset the cost of benefits.

Consult with your dentist’s office, and they shall help you with every needed detail, how much is covered, whether you need to use your FSA account or not, everything. 

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