What To Look For Before Choosing Your Toothpaste?

What To Look For Before Choosing Your Toothpaste?

Posted by Dr. Lee on Nov 30 2021, 04:34 AM

Several toothpaste brands are available in the market, and each serves a different dental solution. With such an enormous selection available within your grasp, it is quite hard for you to understand the benefit that each of them provides. With the help of the following categories of toothpaste, you can choose the best option:

Tartar Control Toothpaste

With the help of tartar control toothpaste, you can keep your teeth healthy as it reduces the buildup of tartar. Many people opt for this type of toothpaste to get rid of plaque. Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that usually forms on teeth after having a meal. There are tartar control defense systems and fluoride components in most dental products, and fluoride is one of the powerful substances to prevent tooth decay.

Children’s Toothpaste

According to ADA, over 16 million children have chronic tooth decay. It would be best if you brush your child’s teeth as soon as a tooth starts to erupt through their gums. It would help if you also chose safe toothpaste that meets their needs. Parents are advised to supervise their children on proper brushing techniques.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Patients who need a brighter smile can go with toothpaste that has whitening properties. Peroxide acts as an essential ingredient in whitening toothpaste, as it is most effective at removing stains from the surface layer of the enamel.

Sensitivity Healing Toothpaste

Teeth are generally protected by the presence of strong enamel, but due to the foods and drinks that people consume, they might wear down over time. As a result, teeth may start getting sensitive and tender, especially while eating cold or hot foods or even because of using oral cleansing products. If you have tooth sensitivity, then look for an oral hygiene product that has an ADA seal. This seal is a confirmation that the product can tackle tooth discomfort and assist in removing tartar as well.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride helps slow down the decomposition of the tooth’s enamel over time. Dental decay occurs as a result of the adverse effects of consuming sugar and starch. A fluoride toothpaste reverses the early stages of enamel damage and makes the teeth stronger or more resistant to decay. The ingredients in fluoride toothpaste, such as potassium nitrate and strontium chloride, reduce the inflammation of gum tissues and lower the risk of developing gingivitis.

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