Your Child's First Dental Visit: Things A Parent Can Do to Make it Anxiety-free

Your Child's First Dental Visit: Things A Parent Can Do to Make it Anxiety-free

Posted by Dr. Lee on Aug 17 2021, 05:58 AM

It's estimated that approximately 36% of adults have dental anxiety. Parents can unknowingly and easily pass their fears of the dentist to their kids as well. Besides, children can be anxious about dental visits because of their unfamiliarity with what to expect during a dental checkup. The best way to combat dental fear in children is to ensure that they sense safety and comfort during their dental visits. 

Here are a few recommendations from your Portland dentist for parents to keep their children stress-free and excited about their dental visits. 

Visit an Experienced Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist has received specialized training and has years of experience in working with children. They are equipped with lots of fun ways to make kids feel relaxed and stress-free during their dental visits. They are also knowledgeable about explaining dental treatments in an age-appropriate manner to their little patients. 

Prepare Your Child For The Dental Visits

One major reason most children are worried about their dental visits is because of their fear of the unknown. A parent can assuage their child's anxiety by letting them know what happens during a dental appointment. You can show them TV shows and videos of positive dentist visits and role play dentists with the child. Also, take a few minutes to show them pictures of the dental practice. 

Finish All Paperworks in Advance

As too much waiting time can trigger a child's anxiety, aim to keep your child's dental visit as short as possible. This can be achieved by filling out any necessary paperwork online in advance. 

Bring a Comfort Toy

If your child has a favorite toy, take it along during your child's trip to the dentist so that they can feel much more at ease. 

Choose The Appointment Time Carefully

For young children, the right timing matters. If possible, schedule your child's appointments in the morning when they are awake and fresh. Do not take them to the dentist just before their nap or lunchtime as hungry children can show tantrums during dental visits. 

Sit With Your Child

Some children may feel intimidated to sit in the dental chair. Most pediatric dentists encourage having young children sit on their parent's lap, especially during their first dental visit. And the chances are high that the child will feel relaxed sitting by themselves the next time.

Normalize Dental Care

Make oral care a priority and a regular part of your family's routine. Teach the children about the need to have good oral health practices - brushing and flossing and regular dental visits.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Never skip your child's regular dental appointments as they will not only support your child's dental health but also make them familiar with the dental experience. 

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