Children's Dentistry in Portland OR

Children's Dentistry in Portland OR

Being a parent means taking care of your child from every aspect. One such aspect that deserves your attention is their dental health. You need to focus on their oral health well being right from birth to adolescence. For effective child dentistry, you need to eliminate dental phobia from the mind of a kid. 

Hence, besides the basic dental health rules, the child's mental state plays an important role in deciding their oral health. But a child dentist can easily help you overcome the dental trauma in your children. Are you eager to know more about child dentistry? If yes, then read on!

Why Does a Kid Need to Visit a Dentist?

A child should regularly visit the dentist from three years old onwards. This will help them avoid plaque, cavities, and gum infections. In addition, when they have a healthy mouth as a child, the quality of the permanent teeth gets enhanced, and they can secure better oral health as an adult.

A dentist can recommend to you the best way to take proper care of your child’s teeth. Be it toothache, injury, or infection; a dentist can solve it all. You might think that your child is too young to visit a dentist, but trust us, it is not true. The earlier they start taking care of their oral health, the better their oral health will be as an adult!

What is the Job of a Child Dentist?

A child dentist is an expert who knows the exact needs of your kid’s oral health. They take your child’s oral hygiene quite seriously and want to offer the best. A few functions of a child dentist are mentioned below!

Prevention of Oral Health Problems

They help prevent oral health problems by promoting good dental habits in your child. In addition, they will provide tips on how your children can get the best teeth and gums by using the right toothpaste, fluoride supplements, dental cleanings, etc.

Educate the Child

A child dentist educates the child about their dental health. Besides teaching the child, they will also educate the parents about disease prevention techniques, eating habits, trauma prevention, etc.

Monitoring the Growth and Development of Tooth

Regular monitoring of the growth and development of your child’s teeth is important. If the dentist finds that your kid’s dental health is lagging behind, they will prescribe appropriate treatments, medications, and supplements.


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