Extractions & Preservation in Portland OR

Extractions & Preservation in Portland OR

Dentists around the world extract teeth every day, from wisdom teeth removal to damaged or decayed teeth extraction. But after the extraction process, a socket where the tooth previously was, is left behind. This empty socket becomes highly sensitive after the extraction process.

What is the Whole Process of Extraction and Prevention?


Broken, chipped, or decayed teeth can be easily fixed with restoration techniques. However, there are situations when only a crown or veneer cannot solve the problem. Such heavily damaged teeth require the extraction of the whole tooth. During such scenes, tooth extraction can be the last method of restoration.

Oral Surgery

Sometimes, after an extraction, your doctor may ask for a biopsy to diagnose the reasons behind changes in the lining of your mouth. Minor surgical procedures or even precise work is sometimes needed to repair the defects in the bone or impaired supporting gum tissue.

Bone Grafting

When the bone around the teeth is lost, they don’t regenerate as they are unique. But teeth are highly dependent on the bones to remain stable and functional. A bone graft is then required to fix such defects.

Root Canal Treatment

This allows you to retain your natural tooth while removing the decay. Depending on the situation, a crown or filling can sometimes restore your natural tooth.

Why Should the Socket Be Preserved?

After the tooth is extracted, the bone at the empty socket begins to shrink and makes it challenging to attach tooth replacements in the future. Additionally, bone loss can cause cosmetic problems and make your appearance look sunken.

The socket also needs to be protected to prevent it from drying, causing the blood clot to open and expose the nerves underneath. Safeguarding the socket as well as the alveolar bone is necessary to prevent future problems and keep your mouth structure correct.

What Can Socket Prevention Do?

Generally, after extraction, the nearby bone and teeth will start moving out of alignment if nothing is done to the socket. The prevention process requires placing a bone graft into that empty socket where the tooth existed earlier.

The graft can be made from different materials like bone from other animals or human bone only. After the insertion of the bone graft, the area is covered with a collagen membrane and stitched shut. 

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