Family Dentistry in Portland OR

Family Dentistry in Portland OR

When a person experiences any discomfort in their mouth, they may try to treat it by themselves. However, if that does not work, the dentist’s office is the place you need to visit for treating the issues of the teeth and mouth. Your dentist will help patch up any issues you may face, and you will return home happier.

However, the relationship you share with your dentist is crucial to the care you receive. Therefore, you must develop a professional relationship with your dentist that is based on trust and mutual respect. This is the reason why many people, especially families, choose to work with a family dentist for their dental care. 

What Is Family Dentistry?

Dentistry is a complicated business that bears great fruit for medical professionals and their patients. Unfortunately, it is often an overlooked branch of medical science, albeit unfairly. In recent times, however, the dental field is gradually coming to enjoy recognition for all the hard work it offers.

One such branch of the dentistry business is family dentistry. How does it help you? Family dentists can look after the dental health of entire families. This also includes the observation and care of people's dental health from childhood to adulthood. In certain cases, these dentists may offer services for infants who suffer from dental issues.

The entirety of family dentistry is based on trust and understanding. Patients can choose to work with family dentists for as long as they like. Moreover, you can visit the doctors for a checkup of people of all ages in your family. Unlike general dentists who prefer working with a certain age group, family dentists can meet all of your family’s needs.

The Advantages of Family Dentistry

There is a reason why family dentistry continues to flourish in the dental field. In fact, there are multiple reasons behind this success. Here are some: 

  • Family dentists can save all your records over long periods, helping to develop customized solutions.
  • Since families can visit one dentist for all their needs, it saves time and money.
  • Not all dentists are equipped to deal with every age group. However, family dentistry can look after people of all ages.
  • Since family dentistry treats people of all ages, you can find a much wider range of treatments.

At East Burn Dentistry and Implants, we offer comprehensive family dentistry services by Dr. Daniel Lee. Call 503 233 4871 or visit our website for more details. Visit us at 1415 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214.

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