Intra-Oral Camera in Portland OR

Intra-Oral Camera in Portland OR

The field of dentistry is truly going above and beyond to offer patients the best experience possible. Unfortunately, however, when technology comes into the scene. 

People have always viewed going to the dentist as an ordeal that ends in much pain and tears. However, with the innovation of smooth mechanics and gadgets, the dentist’s clinic has become a truly calming event.

One of the most useful tools that a dentist uses in their line of work is the intraoral camera. In this blog, we will examine how this wunderkind brings together medical science and technology into one perfect mash. To know how this widget works and why dentists use it, dig in and keep reading!

The Science Behind an Intraoral Camera

Before we get into why dentists work with it, we need to look at a few things. First, we must understand what an intraoral camera is and how it works.

As the name suggests, the intraoral camera is a camera that a dentist inserts into your mouth. The camera takes pictures of the inside of your mouth for a more refined and better observation than a mirror. So why don’t dentists simply use a reliable mirror?

Dentists, back in time, depended on mirrors and x-rays to find out the root of your oral problems. However, these solutions did not show the depth or urgency of the issue. This is where an intraoral camera comes in for you.

The trusty intraoral camera allows your doctor to spot any cavities, abscesses, inflammations, etc., hiding in your mouth. Now you do not have to wait for a problem to worsen so that your dentist can catch it. Instead, you can start treating any oral issues as soon as they appear. The intraoral camera helps you before the toothache or your bills worsen. 

Benefits of Using Intraoral Cameras

As you can imagine, there are multiple benefits of using intraoral cameras when you go for oral checkups. Here are the advantages of intraoral cameras:

  • It helps your dentist check for tooth issues that are hard to find.
  • If the dentist gets a better picture of what’s wrong with your teeth, they can offer an accurate treatment plan.
  • Your dentist can save the images on your file for future use and reference.
  • Intraoral cameras offer a cleaner look at the problem. Finally, it will enable insurance to chip in on the bills.

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