Ortho Screenings in Portland OR

Ortho Screenings in Portland OR

No matter how much we take care of our teeth, something is bound to go wrong. This is especially true for younger children. The growing process can go awry as they begin to lose their milk teeth and form permanent ones. Other issues like crowding and misalignment can also occur. These are common issues for children that can cause major problems in the future.

This is when an ortho screening comes in handy. You can help your kids have a smooth dental experience and enjoy their life like other children. Let’s look at what goes on at ortho screenings and how it can help your kids bag the best smile!

What Happens at an Ortho Screening

An ortho screening is a dental procedure where the dentist screens children’s mouths for any abnormally shaped or misaligned teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure. The doctor will check for signs of abnormal growths or teeth in the mouth as well as the facial muscles.

When you go in for an orthodontic screening, the dentist will check how the teeth are growing in their positions. They will also check up on the jaw's positioning and how your facial muscles contort when you speak. If there is an issue with these elements, the dentist will prescribe corrective treatments and measures to remedy the issues.

The reason why ortho screenings are vital from a very young age is that children’s mouths are malleable. This helps to correct dental problems and ensure the child has a much more comfortable life. In addition, catching faulty teeth early on ensures quicker treatment and faster remedies.

When Should You Get an Orthodontic Screening?

Ortho screenings are useful from an early age. Make sure to confirm an appointment for your child when you visit the dentist yourself. You should get an ortho screening if you see the following symptoms:

  • Crooked tooth or a series of teeth
  • Misaligned jaws
  • Abnormal teeth positions
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Dental contortions while speaking
  • Inability to eat or drink properly
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.

Advantages of Ortho Screenings

The result of misshapen teeth can affect normal life when your child transitions into an adult. Ortho screenings help rectify dental issues at an age when dentists can still shape the oral structure. You should make an appointment with a medical professional and get an assessment. It is never too early to start treatment.

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