Porcelain Bridges in Portland OR

Porcelain Bridges in Portland OR

A missing tooth affects any person's smile. Patients with a missing tooth in their mouth are advised porcelain bridges as an excellent restorative option. It is fabricated of natural tooth-colored materials, helping the patient restore their smile. 

What Are Porcelain Bridges?

A porcelain bridge is a dental appliance fabricated to fill the gap of missing teeth in the mouth. It consists of an artificial tooth or teeth attached and secured to the adjacent teeth. Placing a dental bridge in the gap helps prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting their place. This can cause various dental problems like bite conditions and speech impairments. It may also cause gum disease in patients. 

What Are the Types of Dental Bridges?

The dentists provide three types of dental bridges to the patients after considering their dental needs. It has been listed below. 

Traditional Fixed Bridge: It is one of the most preferred types of dental bridges which is attached to the patient's adjacent teeth. It is mostly made of materials like metal fused porcelain or ceramic. 

Cantilever Bridge: It is a type of dental bridge anchored on one side of the gap in the mouth. The dentists advise the cantilever bridge for patients who have suffered tooth loss in the front of the mouth.

Resin-Bonded Bridge: Dental bridges cemented into the adjacent teeth with the help of metal bands are referred to as resin-bonded bridges. The dentist suggests it for patients who have suffered toothless in the front of the mouth

How Is Porcelain Bridge Placed in the Mouth?

The patient requires two dental visits for a porcelain bridge procedure. 

In the first dental visit, the dentist initiates the rpocedure through a complete dental checkup. After numbing the area with anesthesia, the adjacent teeth are prepared for the bridge. It is etched to remove a small part of tooth enamel which facilitates proper fixture of the dental bridge. The dentist takes the impressions of the teeth, which are sent to the laboratory for fabrication. A temporary bridge is affixed to the mouth. 

During the second visit, the dentist removed the temporary bridge and placed the personalized porcelain bridge in the gap. It is adjusted to provide proper fixture and bonded to the adjacent teeth. 

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