Teen's Dentistry in Portland OR

Teen's Dentistry in Portland OR

Healthy teeth and gums are crucial for the overall health of a person irrespective of their age. Teenage years are no exception for this period, considering the various changes that happen to the human body. At East Burn Dentistry and Implants, the dentists provide the teens with the opportunity to train them to maintain good dental health. They offer safe and reliable dental care to teens, helping them to keep their teeth healthy

What is Teen's Dentistry?

Teenagers undergo an array of changes hormonally. They need to follow good oral care and never neglect a good dental hygiene regime. Simple but regular practices like brushing and flossing the teeth regularly help to keep the teeth healthy and help the teen maintain an aesthetic smile.

Significance of Teen's Dentistry

Oral health during the teen years tends to undergo several changes and challenges. They have the tendency to neglect good dental care and are attracted to unhealthy eating habits, which may have an impact on their dental health. Prevention is considered better than cure making it important to follow good dental care. 

Dental Treatments and Procedures for Teens

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Extracting the wisdom tooth at the right time is crucial for dental health. It can cause unbearable pain and infection in the mouth. It may also cause misalignment in the mouth. 

Traditional Braces

Braces are a traditional orthodontic method that helps in straightening misaligned teeth. It designs an aesthetic smile for the teen.

Clear Dental Aligners

Clear aligners are an orthodontic dental device that is an alternative to traditional braces. It helps to straighten the teeth in a discreet manner as it is invisible on the teeth. It is an excellent option for teens who are concerned about their appearance during dental treatment. 

Gum Disease Treatment

Hormonal fluctuations during the teen years can be a concern. It can lead to gum diseases in teenagers. The dentist advises the teens to visit them at the earliest to avoid dental complications that can even lead to toothloss. 

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