Teeth Grinding in Portland OR

Teeth Grinding in Portland OR

Teeth grinding is a condition that can affect a person's sleep cycle. Also known as bruxism, it is a concern that can cause dental damage. At East Burn Dentistry and Implants, the dentists offer various treatments that can help provide relief from the condition.

What Is Bruxism?

It refers to the grinding and clenching of the jaw during sleeping hours. Occasionally, it may also happen during the daytime. Bruxism is a disorder that wears off the teeth. Over time, the teeth may crack or break, making it essential to protect them from damage. Dentists conduct a detailed examination of the patient, which helps find the underlying cause of the condition. Specific treatments that help with the particular conditions are advised for the patients. 

Effects of Teeth Grinding

Headache: Grinding or clenching the teeth can cause unbearable headaches. As the teeth become short and worn off, the patient may also experience facial pain. 

Gum Recession

The soft tissues in the mouth are affected through teeth grinding. It leads to the formation of deep pockets that accumulates bacteria. This causes gum recession which can eventually lead to teeth loss.


Teeth grinding can cause a painful sensation in the temporomandibular joints in the mouth. The pressure experienced by the jaw during grinding and clenching the teeth leads to painful arthritis. 

Treatment Options For Bruxism

Dentists offer various treatments to the patients that can best help resolve or reduce the effect of bruxism on teeth, a few of which has been listed below. 


It is the most recommended treatment for patients who suffer from bruxism. Mouthguards are customized for each patient according to their unique dental measurements. Wearing them during sleep helps to reduce the grinding and protects the teeth from wear and tear. 

NTI-tss Appliance

It is a treatment appliance facilitated at the dental practice. It helps protect the rear molar teeth from damage by reducing the contraction of the temporalis muscle in the jaw.


Botox is a muscle relaxer injected to provide relief from the facial pain caused by teeth grinding.

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